5 Types Of Shoes Every Fashionista Should Own.

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’- Marilyn Monroe

Shoes are of utmost importance! They need to be comfortable, yet very stylish, from chic flats to trendy heels a woman is naturally prone to collecting a number of shoes in her closet but with the growing variety of different style and trends in the market a true born fashionista should own these type of shoes as they’re timeless, elegant and can totally transform a simple outfit to a more sophisticated look.

Here are 5 Pair of shoes every lady should own.


The black pumps are a high necessity for every lady to have. These black pumps can work for office to dinner and all over again.

Ankle strap heeled sandals

Apart from the fact that they go with just about anything as well, they give you that extra girly look and put a touch of dressy to your otherwise casual outfit.


Sneakers are just about the perfect shoes to throw on for casual outings with the girls and short walks. What’s more, they can be worn with just about anything as well.

Flat sandals

The perfect shoe that works with just about any outfit to keep things less serious and more fun and vibrant.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a perfect blend of comfort and chic style. You can wear them for a work day as well as for a fun party night. Play with colors and textures and you can make heads turn with your shoes.

A woman carries her clothes, but it is a shoe that carries the woman.


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