Frequently Asked Questions


How secured is your website? is developed with embedded with security features to protect third party information from being assessed by unauthorized users. We also went a step further to adopt world class website lock security feature to scan and prevent all forms of malware from disrupting activities on the site. Based on this, we say your information, including card details are secured.

How to search for specific products?

There is a search box on the website. Use keywords to type in the category name (e.g. Jewelries, Cars etc) and product page will pop up.


What’s the easiest way to shop on your website?

Click ‘’SHOP’’ on the website and all categories of products will be displayed on a single page. It’s like going into a physical shop to see all items on display.


Is same day delivery possible?

Yes but at a special delivery fee. Only for orders placed in Lagos Nigeria before 12pm. Please, contact us for further discussion. Also, payment must have been confirmed before 12pm.


How much do you charge for delivery within and outside Lagos?

Mayfortmall is in partnership with a reliable courier company to administer delivery services for all orders within and outside Lagos. The sum of N1,000.00 (One Thousand Naira Only) is charged for deliveries within Lagos while the rate for outside Lagos largely depends on destination. Please, contact us on 0909-111-0397, 0909-111-0395 for more details. Email:


Can i take delivery of my order at the office?

Yes. Your happiness is our priority. Anywhere you want in Nigeria, we will deliver your goods.


What do i do if my items are delayed?

Please, contact us as soon as the time specified for delivery expires. Contact us on 0909-111-0397 or 0909 111 0395. Email:


What kind of card can I use on your website?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Verve and all other payment options as specified on the website. Please, contact us for more details.