Making an order on is stress-free!

  1. Sign in by creating a account
  2. Find your preferred Items
  3. Find the item(s) you wish to order
  4. Select and Click “Add to Cart”
  5. Carry on with your shopping until all desired items are added to your cart
  6. Examine Your Shopping Cart


To access your list of selected items: Select shopping cart icon at the top right hand side of the website
Select view cart on the same page after adding a new item to your cart

  • Edit quantities by adding or deleting from total number of items in your cart 
  • Click on check out when order is complete 

To Check Out

  1. You will be required to enter your email address and password to sign in
  2. Forgot your password? You can always reset it.

Shipping Your Order

Determine the location you want all items to be shipped. Either to your home, office or store

To be properly shipped & delivered:

  1. Enter your shipping address or select a saved address
  2. Choose the shipping option.

Store Pickup:

  1. Use this option to indicate your preference for store pickup and click continue
  2. Enter the name of the principal pickup individual and phone number. You may also enter
    your mobile number to receive text message alerts, and click continue

Payment Method

Payment is accepted via paystack. 

To conclude, Review Your Order

  1. Confirm your shipping and payment details
  2. Click “Change” if you need to make any edits
  3. Click “Place Order” to complete the checkout process and submit your order
    Please, contact Customer Care for assistance in the event of any difficulty.